To All Of Our Loyal CAPDA Customers

The Canadian Alliance of Physical Damage Appraisers, CAPDA, has been serving Canadian and U.S. Insurance Companies, Adjusting Companies, Warranty Companies, Leasing Companies, Fleets and Private individuals for the past 4 years. Recently we have been forced to make some critical changes in our company philosophy and structure.

Previous management decisions have made it impossible for us to operate as we have promised and proven since our inception, and thus, we have closed our office in Toronto. Rather than make excuses for the lapses in our service, we have taken the very extreme step of stopping to reevaluate our position. Rest assured that all files we have begun for you will be completed promptly and professionally.

As of November 14, 2003 the Canadian Alliance of Physical Damage Appraisers, and Independent Appraisal Services, IAS Ontario, have ceased to take on new business. They will continue to be open for approximately one and a half months longer than this to process payables and receivables. After that time the telephone numbers will be redirected, and the files moved.

The premise of CAPDA is a sound one. Provide a national network of appraisers and inspectors, dispatched through one office, one telephone number, and one email address. Provide superior reporting, service, and technology, and provide vendors who uphold our rigid standards. This is a sound business plan.

In the future, we will rebuild with a stronger, more consistent, and more user friendly service. This includes web based reporting, available to vendors, and adjusters alike. Accessible to repair shops, and all pertinent members of the claims process, this web based product will be available 24 hours a day, and always up to date.

We look forward to serving you in the future when we have restructured. Until then we will still offer dispatching, and forwarding to our vendors across Canada, and the United States through RML Automotive Appraisals Ltd.These can be sent to dispatch@rmlapp.com

On behalf of The Canadian Alliance of Physical Damage Appraisers, IAS, and RML Automotive Appraisals Ltd, it is has been our pleasure to serve you as CAPDA, and will remain our privilege to serve you through RML Automotive Appraisals Ltd.

Bill McGowan
VP Operations
RML Automotive Appraisals Ltd

November 15th, 2003

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